"Building Independence One Empowered Consumer at a Time"

Erie County Care Management is committed to:

* Partnering with individuals and families.
* Principles of Recovery.
* "Everyday Lives" philosophy.
* Collaborating with service providers and funding sources.
* Continuous Quality Improvements.

Mental Health Services

Achieving Recovery for adults, children and adolescence with behavioral health issues and alternatives for the homeless and forensic populationse

Mental Health Administrative Case Management

This program is responsible for the case management of approximately 12,000 individuals with mental illness. This service provides intake, assessment, referral, authorization, and monitoring of children, adults and senior citizens with mental health concerns. Additionally, clinical staff develop diversion options for individuals admitted to local inpatient mental health units, who are at risk for state hospitalization, and actively participate in discharge planning for all Erie County residents during their treatment at Warren State Hospital. Mental Health Administrative Case Management is also the point of entry for the enrollment of individuals in the public mental health system.

Forensic Mental Health Administrative Case Management

This program provides services to individuals with a serious mental illness who are involved in all stages of the criminal justice system.

Screening and Assessment

This service provides mental health and/or substance abuse assessments to those youth involved with the Office of Juvenile Probation and the Office of Children & Youth. This assessment is used for the purpose of early identification and recommendations for the most appropriate behavioral health service and treatment option.

Representative Payee

The financial affairs of approximately 200 consumers who have been diagnosed with a serious and persistent mental health condition are handled by this program. The staff and consumer jointly prepare a budget to assist the consumer in managing their monthly expenses with the outcome of achieving financial stability.

Services for Homeless Persons with Behavioral Health Concerns

These programs provide assistance to persons with serious mental illness who reside in emergency shelters, places not fit for human habitation, “doubled-up” living situations, or who are being evicted.

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